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Masao Omokawa

Chief Producer

Work makes us friends. —Masao

I’m from Iwaki, a city in Fukushima Prefecture.

After twenty years in Tokyo, I’m still teased for not having completely lost my accent.

I say it isn’t an accent, it’s just me, the same old Omokawa. 

My hobbies, interests, and the people I like include soccer, mahjong, oysters, eating ramen at one restaurant after another, golf, the fourth story arc of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the MCU, Jun Fubuki, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Super Smash Bros., menchi-katsu fried meat cakes, One Piece, the theory that we’re living in a simulation, and Kumiko Akiyoshi.





Ito City “Pillows are for Fighting”
AdFest (Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival) Lotus Roots, Branded Entertainment Lotus, Bronze
Have a Nice Day! presents “Beautiful World: Love in the time of Petalo”
Yokohama Independent Film Festival, Cinefil Award



Saga City “The Edible Business Card”
Spikes Asia (Design) Silver/Bronze
AdFest 2018 (Lotus Roots) 2LotusRoots

(Promo) Silver, (Design) Bronze, (Direct) Bronze
PMAA: 2BlackDragon
38th Saga Advertising Awards (Print) Gold




Saga City ”WRSB””
Spikes Asia (Internet Film) Bronze
AdFest (Branded Contents) Finalist, (LotusRoots) Finalist
PMAA: BlackDragon
36th Saga Advertising Awards: (Web Film) Gold, (Poster) Gold, others



Nikon, “Tears”
MAD Stars (Film, Electronics, IT, Office Equipment, Cameras) Bronze, (Film Craft, Cinematography) Bronze


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