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WhoAreYou is a group of creators brought together by the birth of the new TYO in January 2021. Their primary focus is on planning and directing advertising videos. They believe that individuality is the most important thing for those engaged in professions related to making things, including visual expression, because individuality is the only thing that no one can imitate or take from you.

WhoAreYou is a group of unique with personalities, which they use to continually take on today’s challenges, asking themselves, “Who are you?” We hope to evolve WhoAreYou into an “ark” that will allow free travel into the future of moving images and beyond all boundaries. The view from that ark will surely be beyond our imagination. We look forward to viewing it with you.



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Address 6F. NCO Metro Kamiyacho, 5-12-11 Toranomon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo. 105-0001
Tel +81-3-5777-0868
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