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We drive emotions.

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With top-level production teams, we
continue to create things that transcend
their components, move people’s hearts and,
above all, communicate.

As professionals, we seek to transform unspoken messages and intangible thoughts into images and experiences. And while the times and environments may change, what we set out to do does not.

During the production process, we always consider not only the importance of your message, but also the ideal way to convey it. We devote close attention to detail, comprehend the downsides, and create things that move hearts and communicate properly and powerfully—all while striking the right balance between effectiveness and limitations.

We pour all resources and talents into achieving these goals, organizing top-level production teams, and bringing together people from within and outside our organization. Together, we craft creative and achieve results that transcend expectations by never settling for the status quo.

This is TYO, a content production company that brings professionals together to convey the desired message.


Towards a society where diverse values can coexist.

Communication is one of the absolute fundamental activities of humans as social creatures.
People build and live in communities by conveying information and thoughts to each other.

To convey thoughts and ideas without distortion. To communicate in such a way that even those
who have different ideas can understand us. Our mission is to give form to what we want to
convey. If the message is properly communicated, hearts will be moved. We believe that when
hearts are moved, behavior can be changed. And if behavior changes, lifestyles and society
will change as well.


We have received many awards, both in Japan and overseas.


Company Profile

Company Profile

Company name TYO Inc.
Representative Director,
President & CEO
Hiroshi Hayafune
Corporate headquarters 6F Daiwa Akasaka Building, 2-14-5 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Telephone +81-3-3568-1651
Date of incorporation April 2, 1982
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Main business activities Strategic proposal of contents, planning and production, focused mainly on advertising images
Main shareholders KANAMEL Inc.( 100% )
(Capital:5,000,000,000 yen)
Number of employees 294 (as of January 2024)

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SDGs Commitment

"TYO's Initiatives
Towards Achieving the SDGs"

TYO envisions 'A society where diverse values can coexist.' We contribute to the environment through initiatives like going paperless and using paper files. Additionally, we focus on developing professionals and promoting diverse working styles. Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and address societal challenges.

TYO Inc. supports the Sustainable Development Goals


Akasaka Office

Head Office / PRO2 / Third

5F/6F. Daiwa Akasaka Building, 2-14-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo. 107-0052

Kamiyacho Office


6F/7F/8F. NCO Metro Kamiyacho, 5-12-11 Toranomon,Minato-ku, Tokyo. 105-0001

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We warmly welcome your inquiries for video production, including commercials and corporate videos. Let's collaboratively transform your message into 'resonating' content, beyond just video. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an overview and latest examples of TYO's content solutions.

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