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Shinichiro Ide

Chief Producer

I do everything I can to satisfy our clients!

I was born in 1979 in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.

I joined Monster Films in 2003.

I’ve been working as a producer since 2012.

I have worked on large-scale campaigns for automobiles, beverages, fashion brands, web videos, graphic shoots, and many other genres.

My motto is “Work hard, play hard!”, and I am highly resilient.

I do all I can to do work that exceeds expectations.

My hobbies include golf and handball.



2020 Cresta Awards – Bronze / bellFace, “Shinjin kanyu” [“Newcomers join”], “Bōfūu no gogo” [“Stormy afternoon”].
2017 54th Galaxy Awards – Galaxy Awards for Highly Recommended Programs. Nippon TV Commercial Awards 2017 Nippon TV Commercial Award / Georgia, “Otsukare, ore-tachi” [“Good job, us”]


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