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Ken Onodera


I am a worrying optimist. Appropriately serious.

I’m from Kasukabe, Saitama. I worked in public relations for ten years. My hobbies are surfing, camping, and playing soccer with my child. I really enjoy this job because I get to start with something that is formless, work on it until it is finished, then work with various staff members to introduce it to the world. I am happiest when my ideas perfectly click together. New things keep coming up, but I will do my best at this work I love while valuing my ideas!



Daiwa House Industry, “Kokyō 2016” [“Hometown 2016”]
57th ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards (Film) Finalist

Toshiba “10-nen karendā” [“10-year calendar”]
AdFest (Film) Gold, Cannes Lions (Film Craft) Finalist

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