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Reiko Natsukawa

Business Producer / Sales and Marketing Director

Global Business Virtuoso: Infusing Business with Worldly Savvy, Polished Intuition, and a Dash of Unparalleled Creative Brilliance.

With over 15+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing at global corporations, Reiko has cultivated a diverse skill set across industries such as finance, automotive, and luxury hospitality. Her seven-year tenure in the U.S. has endowed her with a crucial global perspective indispensable for international business success, complemented by a demonstrated ability to achieve tangible results. Drawing on her innate aesthetic sense developed through her Art Diploma and refined negotiation skills honed in sales, Reiko adeptly bridges the gap between editorial and studio/design departments, driving bilingual projects forward. Possessing flexibility to assemble artist teams tailored to specific project needs, she excels in content creation in both Japanese and English. Expect nothing less than transcendent, bespoke work across industries under her guidance.

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