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Atsushi Kasai

Chief Producer

Feel free to contact me for a Zoom conference!

There are plenty of things we can talk about: Planning that gets an answer in ten minutes. A camera course that will allow you to do your own in-house photography production. Assistance with webinar hosting and management of social networking and digital advertising. Brainstorming sessions to generate ideas for virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Courses on how to write press releases that the media will respond to. And more.

Let’s start with a thirty-minute Zoom meeting. Don’t worry about me hounding you with calls afterwards. If you aren’t sure where you should start, let’s start with that.




59th ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards (Film) Grand Prix: “Bukku offu na no ni hon nē jan” [“Why are there no books in this Book Off bookstore?”]


57th ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards (Marketing Effectiveness) Finalist: “Nichi-gasu ni suru no sanseidesu!” [“I agree we should switch to Nippon Gas!”]

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